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‘Cognetic #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This is such an intriguing first issue, and it made me want to proclaim “WTF?” in an awesome, ironic, and literal way.

An accidentally netted dolphin, a sort of hive-mind virus leading people to do questionably unnerving things, and the assistant of a New York politician will all have something in common by the time these three issues conclude.

James Tynion IV, author of the soon-to-be ending (and excellent) UFOlogy and co-writer on Batman Eternal, is an extremely talented writer. He knows how to spin a yarn with subtext and strong, intelligent, and complex characters. He knows how to use those characters to pull you into a mystery almost immediately. He understands tone. He has a vision. And, you feel that vision at work in Cognetic #1 almost immediately.

Eryk Donovan, the artist on Memetic, which he worked on with Tynion, lays out the panels and finds the just-right angles to give this story a really unnerving quality. I haven’t been creeped out by the old crazy guy sitting too close for comfort in a long time, but he pulls it off.

But, there is more going on here than just basic excellent storytelling. I can’t exactly say what is going on yet (What kind of a mystery would it be if I was able to!), but there are some interesting parallels being drawn and conversations being spoke. Who are we really slaves to? Ourselves, society, fate, determined outside influences? What makes us important? These seem to be a couple of the bigger ones.

So, yes, add this to your pull list.

*Be sure to pre-order Cognetic #1 at your local comic book shop by Monday, September 21st.




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