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‘UFOlogy #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Answers. This is the issue where secrets begin to be revealed. I’m still not really sure how everything fits together yet, or if it will in an expected way, but there’s no point in talking about the next issue.

My favorite thing about this series has been the relationship between the two kids: Becky and Malcolm. Both are these pseudo-sad characters who start out not really wanting to be friends, but, over the course of this sci-fi adventure, realize they have more in common than they thought – which isn’t just space aliens – and they never lose their awkwardness. Nothing is easy, especially human connection – it’s very touching when it begins to happen. They are the center of this story from which everything else revolves. Tynion and Yuenkel (the writers) have really spent a lot of time and care in making sure these two are authentic and grounded. Mathew Fox’s art captures the essence of their youth and confusion perfectly. It’s a world full of a spectrum of vivid colors (Adam Metcalfe cleaning up on that.) and strange shapes that put you back into the shoes of kids who would be experiencing something like this for the first time. The lettering (Colin Bell) adds another layer to it altogether. As a book, the experience is pretty rich.

As a story I can feel it starting to slip, and I’m not sure yet if it’s due to the simplicity of everything or that it’s slightly convoluted, which is a strange place to be in as a reader. I’m sure all will be revealed in the next issue. In this issue, the revelations circulate around more personal matters that came about because of the intergalactic issue of space aliens. It’s sad, but also exciting, that as the adventure builds, the emotions do, too.




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