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‘Past Aways #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Matt Kindt. A name every comic book creator, nay, writer should know. Read his work. Study his work. There are some other brilliant writers out there right now, but no one like Matt Kindt. His final issue of Mind MGMT is coming out soon. Get the collections. His Rai from Valiant Comics was just nominated for several Harvey Awards. You don’t just read Mat Kindt’s work, you experience it. The subtle ways in which he alters his style from one book to another shows his work as a superior craftsman. Even if you don’t like comics and just adore strong science fiction, you should know the name of Matt Kindt.

After reading Past Aways #6, I felt for the first time in a long time that I wanted to sit down and come up with fan theories and then discuss those theories. I want to discuss what Kindt is up to. Either everything is as it seems, or nothing is as it seems, and what could those repercussions be. Either way, the fan has just become tarnished. Kindt handles this dark and fairly twisted situation with intelligence and levity.

His characters are motivated not just by the situation, lost in the distant past with no way to return home (though it didn’t look like their present looked all that appealing), protected by the time stream and unable to die (making them pretty cool superhero-ish characters), but they are motivated by the actions of the other crew members. An assorted bunch of balloon Ids ready to pop, whose instincts and natural tendencies are their worst enemies. With the developments in this issue, things are only going to get more and more complicated and intriguing.

Scott Kolins’ deft artwork and the overall design of the book and interactive nature of the design continue to be stellar.

You’ll have to start at issue #, but you should pick it up!


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