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‘Power Up #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Amie, the hero of Kate Leth and Matt Cummings’ magical girls book, Power Up, has had a couple of days off of work after being attacked by some strange creatures at the pet store she works at, hit by a light from the heavens, and then had her fish turn into a tiny whale that fired a laser beam. But, after watching an exorbitant amount of what appears to be her favorite TV viewing (which involves a funny line of dialogue), she begins to doubt that this strange event occurred, but strongly hoping otherwise.

She makes her way back into work to see if she still has a job, only to get the answer about the reality of the previous day and more! Power Up #2 introduces some fun superhero characters who are both awesome in their own way and are explicitly created to be role reversals. The man with a beard is in a pink, girlie outfit and really embraces his feminine side in all things to an extremely funny degree without skimping on proper motivation. On the other end is a woman in a blue outfit who trail blazes through the air ready to always kick butt.

And, that’s essentially the second comic. Story-wise, everything is kept rather simple as we’re introduced to these new character, but this comic book isn’t so much about the “what” as it is about the “how.”

Leth keeps things charming, cute, and often times quite funny in that offbeat, quirky kind of way. Without Matt Cummings’ artwork, though, it wouldn’t be nearly as much of any of those as it is. The colors are beautiful, and the lettering is pitch perfect. This is a spectacular book for young adults.

It’s worth the price of admission.


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