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‘UFOlogy #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I got tripped out reading this issue. Seriously, one of our leads is put into a hypnotic state, and I sort of lost my bearings. That is an effective comic.

With all of the ideas James Tynion IV and Noah J. Yuenkel are exploring (along with Matthew Fox’s trippy, surreal art, Adam Metcalfe’s dream-like color palette, and Collin Bell’s subtle, penciled-in lettering) and the small-town characters dealing with events well beyond their understanding – they all reach a level of cohesiveness that confirms how excellent this book is. All of the threads built in begin to pay off and elevate.

In past reviews, I spoke of one of the thrilling elements about this book being the heavy focus on youth – that our two heroes, as kids, push the story forward. Issue #4 really starts taking advantage of this idea and actually integrates it, dramatically and thematically, in very effective ways.

I’m talking around specifics, because this is a book that really should be read.

Because Tynion and Yuenkel spent a couple of issues really exploring the characters, the moment you turn to the first page of Issue #4, you find yourself suddenly extremely invested. It is a really enjoyable journey to be taking, and a really interesting intergalactic mystery is unravelling.

Give it a chance.




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