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‘Past Aways #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This is where Matt Kindt’s (Mind MGMT) mind-bending crazy kicks in. It’s the moment I look forward to in his work. Kindt digs into the psyche of his characters in ways that I’ve only seen Philip K. Dick do, and my guess is that Dick is a big influence on Kindt. More than a guess. Looking at the back cover of Past Aways #3 and the schematic of the giant robot, many of the body parts’ names seemed directly inspired by Dick’s work. One specific part referenced an “android’s dream.” So, yes, if you like Philip K. Dick – you will love this.

The first three issues were basically set up. A group of various, psychologically scarred explorer (I guess you could call them that.) all travel back into a past so distant to them (our present) that they don’t even know what a car is. Upon arriving, they almost immediately separate. A year later, the leader gets them back together as a rift from the future is tossing other things into the past, like the above-mentioned giant robot.

In Issue #4 he takes a step beyond the team’s work dynamics and starts fanning the flames of inner-team conflict in a way that promises to be incomprehensibly awesome. How do you kill someone that can’t be killed, because the time stream is actually protecting you, so nothing gets screwed? These characters are going to get put through the ringer, and my guess is I’ll never have seen time travel approached in a way even close to this.

The art from Scott Kolins (The Flash) is fantastic. Colorist Bill Crabtree brings it all to life. It’s a fantastic book. Go and buy it. That’s my review. Just go and buy it. Find the first three copies and eat up the sci-fi serial feel that’s about to inject the mental madness of Kindt. And then, buy #4 when it comes out.


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