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‘UFOlogy #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

After Becky and Malcolm’s bizarre encounter with some kind of strange, alien lifeform in Issue #1 of UFOlogy, James Tynion IV and Noah J. Yuenkel take a step back and allow us to settle in with the characters and get to know them a bit which, when you have a story to tell, is a good thing to do. They’re playing the long game, creating a stronger foundation so the stakes really matter later on, and they’re doing it well.

Becky has awoken with a strange marking left on the side of her face from her confrontation, and she’s begun to hallucinate, as well . . . or has she? Meanwhile, Malcolm is sneaking around, hiding, digging, spying – his curiosity pushing him forward into potentially more dangerous territory.

While expanding the worlds of the kids and the other characters that orbit their story, Tynion and Yuenkel also continue to show us that there are layers upon layers of an onion to be pulled back – mysteries, intrigues, secrets – but amidst all of this, the adventure belongs to the kids. Isn’t that how it should be? The adults create the problems, and the kids end up discovering them and dealing with the mess. I want to see the story unfold through the eyes of children who aren’t so used to life, who still have much to see and are completely in over their heads.

There are a lot of threads being spun here, and the events on a single page get you to want to read the next one. This is fine storytelling.

Mathew Fox has an almost unfinished feel to his artwork. It’s rough on the edges and insides, and yet somehow it feels more realistic than any superhero book out there. Adam Metcalfe’s colors add so much to the story, and Colin Bell’s lettering skills make the book feel more literary.

This is a finally crafted science fiction comic series, and I highly recommend it.




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