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‘Mythic #1:’ Comic Book Review

Mythic #1’s Cass on science: “It adequately describes your observable world in a manner which brings you comfort. An opiate for the masses, if you will.” That pretty much sums up the creative mission statement of this comedy/mythology-based fantasy hybrid set in a contemporary real world in which “real” is questionable. So, science isn’t reality, but magic and myth are, and we follow a select group of investigative problem solvers called Mythics who fix magic that is broken. A fun premise with admirable execution.

Phil Hester (The Wretch, The Coffin) and John McCrea (Hitman, Section Eight) join forces again to create a book with an off-handedly cool tone that tends to straddle the line between quirky, cute, crass, and hip. It flows along nicely with well-drawn characters that fit into the four previous descriptors.

The stakes start randomly high though quickly solved, and then become vaguely distilled through the rest of the book as our trio is inadvertently called upon to deal with a dustbowl-level drought. So, it’s left up to the characters’ winning personalities to drive the book forward through all of the pertinent exposition. The situation starts to become interesting towards the end of the book in a crassly creative way which is when the issue comes to life, the characters deliver some of their funnier lines, and we’re given a clear goal to be accomplished. If the book can maintain this functionality, I’ll be highly entertained.

However, the book as a whole doesn’t quite all gel yet; the tone feels a bit scatter shot in a way, simply because the overtly eccentric and silly moments and the almost too-glossy dialogue don’t quite fit with the grounded reality around them.  Maybe this is the point; something tells me that as the stakes are raised, the moments that veer on the just-a-tad-too-eccentric side will start meshing nicely with everything else that’s happening. And, this concept has left the door open for scads more interesting stories.




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