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‘Broken Saviors #1:’ Comic Book Review

The first issue of Broken Saviors does two things I quite like. It presents a playfully original beginning to what promises to be an epic alien invasion story. Todd Mitchell begins his story on Superbowl Sunday, smartly using the big game as a set piece to foreshadow the bigger battles yet to come between alien and human. The second thing is that the aliens have come to protect us, not conquer us. Of course, their idea of protection is that of a smothering mother.

The location is also one I haven’t seen used in a story like this: in a mansion in which a lot of politicians and military types have gathered to watch the kick off.

The human characters are likeable, which is also a nice start. The son of a rich lawyer who does not wish to follow in his father’s footsteps, and in an endearing way and with a touch of self-deprecating sense of humor – not that whiny, roll-your-eyes type of character. And, his girlfriend who is smart with a nice helping of attitude. She feels more like the Han Solo of this story in swagger than he does, which could prove to be a very nice dynamic going forward. All in all, it’s a nice start with some interesting approaches to what could have been trite material. Considering Mitchell’s willingness to wade into new territory, the title suggests a pretty big theme moving forward.

Patrick Mulholland’s artwork is light and simple, he doesn’t overcomplicate the panels with useless information. I like it.

It’s a solid piece of work, and they currently have a Kickstarter campaign to help them produce Issues #2-6. Take a look at the first issue and watch the video. This feels like an interesting enough story to throw a few bucks at to see where it goes. As I write this, they have a mere 21 days to go.


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