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‘Empire Uprising #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Mark Waid is writing one of my favorite series currently (Daredevil), so when I saw his name on Empire Uprising #1, I felt a moment of happiness. I knew I would be in competent hands.

Empire is a follow up to his Eisner-nominated series, Empire, from a decade ago. Apparently, he and co-creator and artist Barry Kitson (Archer & Armstrong) continued the series online and are now collecting it here in this published form through IDW.

The premise from the first series: What if a supervillain finally took over the world? The villain here is the indestructible Golgoth. We get to see what he’s done – created a sort of Utopia in which he is seen as the hero (which is telling. Do all villains see themselves as heroes?) He twists history and manipulates the present to meet these ends, but he’s showing signs of weakness. Indecision being one, and a weapon used by the rebels that could actually hurt him. Not only that, it’s foretold that a group of beings are laying plans into place, because not all empires can last.

It’s an intriguing premise and setup, but is it good? Though it has my interest and is solid in all respects, it’s difficult to know right now. This is all basically the rising action. Blood is spilled, chess pieces are placed, and mysteries created – the potential complexities that a story like this could present are deep and (hopefully) profound. It takes itself pretty seriously – no levity and little satire thus far. It’s pretty straight forward. I don’t know which characters to care for – yet. That, I suppose, is the difficulty with having a pretty horrible supervillain as your lead who is also shrouded in mystery.

The most important thing I draw from this is that even though Waid and Kitson are industry pros, they cared enough about this story to get it out there on their own and didn’t wait for someone to let them. A lesson anyone who wants to create comics should learn from – anyone in any creative industry should learn from.




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