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‘Serving Supes #3-4:’ Comic Book Review

We are back with Stephen Stern and Matt and John Yuan’s less-than-efficient team of process servers in Serving Supes, but this time they may have a real shot at success; however, that’s only because they actually have the address of the person they are supposed to serve.

While Clive goes on a blind date in Issue #3, Cheech and Lisa are tasked with delivering an envelope to a female martial arts expert who goes by the name of “Man Hunter.” While Cheech laments over the fact that he’s too nice to ever get a date, Clive discovers the woman of his dreams. It turns out she’s just as much of a jerk as he is and he loves it.  Meanwhile, Cheech and Lisa are once again in over their heads and in a battle for their lives.

Issue #4 saw the gang wrapped up in a rather futile effort to win the top five awards at the “Aspies” in order to help pay the bills. Except for Tammy, each of their attempts to serve a category is thwarted either by their own self-absorption or complete lack of competence. Sometimes, it’s funny, and other times it’s a little disturbing.

Issue #3 was my favorite.  In it we finally get to know Clive and Cheech as more than hapless, bumbling process servers. Both guys have insecurities up the wazoo, but they are based in real human flaws. I felt more of a connection to them and their wacky team of process servers.  (Plus, the date scene was hysterical.) This was a nice tight issue.

For me, Issue #4 had such over-the-top violence that I started losing sympathy for these guys.  Poor Juergen is faced with serving a mass murderer called “The Blood Red Kitty,” and it’s not pretty.  The issue also ended rather abruptly, and I felt there could have been a better way to wrap up that story line; however, I did love the paneling and art in Juergen’s section. 

The basic premise of these comics is a lot of fun, and I love these characters. I would recommend it to anyone with a slightly warped sense of humor. Keep at it, guys!

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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