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‘Snowfall #4:’ Comic Book Review

The White Wizard (a.k.a. Dr. Reasons) may no longer be a threat, but Inspector Deal discovers the moisture farm has more insidious secrets.  The good doctor has bonded the snow formulary to his daughter, Chloe, and he has tried to use Anthony Farrow to jumpstart his own powers.  Taking Chloe and the formulary back to the Cooperative, the Inspector abandons the hapless college student Anthony Farrow to his own fate.  I don’t think Inspector Deal ever had a day like this.

In a flashback, we learn more about Dr. Reason and his disintegrating relationship with Hazeltyne. He is determined to make it snow again, but he is faced with condescension and derision from the powers-that-be.  His relentless obsession continues to the present, where we find he is trying to negotiate a way through the “Drowned Bronx” into “Saved New York.” Why, is unclear at this point in the story.  Along for the ride is Anthony Farrow, though I am pretty sure he was an unwilling travel companion.  Meanwhile, Inspector Deal awaits the results of Hazeltyne’s tests on Chloe. You can bet nothing goes as planned.

It was nice to see more backstory on Dr. Reason’s in this issue. Pacing wise, this was the right time to do that.  I found the “Drowned Bronx” scenes interesting, as well.  Mr. Harris developed a subtle patois for the local gang that was just enough to give a nod to the evolution of language without us readers feeling lost.  Besides, it was fun to see a gang called “Down Boy” whose leaders are women.

As in every fairy tale, there is usually a princess. In this case, that would be Dr. Reason’s daughter, Chloe. The twist is that though she appears to need saving, it’s quite possible that we made need saving from her.

I’m sure we’ll see what the future holds in the next issue.


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