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‘Snowfall #1:’ Comic Book Review

Like all childhood bedtime stories, this one begins as a fantasy. But, this one is about the White Wizard, a being capable of bringing snow to a land that has forgotten what if feels like to be kissed by tiny ice droplets falling from the sky. But, what if the White Wizard was real? And, what if Hazeltyne, the corporation controlling the “Cooperative States of America,” knew it and was willing to do anything to stop him?

In a dystopian 2045, climate change has made snow a memory and water even more of a precious commodity than it is today. Snowfall #1 by writer Joe Harris and artist Martín Morazzo explores one possible future where corporations have taken over the government and the population is spread among small settlements across what used to be known as the United States. But, when snow falls on the tenth anniversary of the last snowfall in the settlement of New Mercy in upstate New York, Hazeltyne sends its top investigator to find out what is going on and possibly spin it to its political advantage; however, there is a young man by the name of Anthony Farrow who believes the White Wizard is real and seeks him out. His discovery is a tragic one for both Anthony and the man he believes to be the elusive and almost mythological White Wizard.

This well-written first issue brings us a nice blend of fantasy and science fiction. I very much enjoyed how it began, like someone telling a bedtime story to a child that then segues into the harsh realities of a world with little water and college students telling stories of the blizzards their parents once experienced.  The blues for the snow and the fantasy sequence were spot on, but I wish the colorist had chosen a harsher, more sun bleached color palette for the non-snow scenes. The art is very solid, and I enjoyed some of the little details like shingles falling off the roof. A big thumbs up to the letterer (Michael David Thomas) for his creativity in the fantasy sequences.

Snowfall #1 is a brand new series from Image Comics.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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