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‘Lantern City #10:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Will Sander be able to save both his families from Brother Pont and Killian Grey? Or will Lantern City go up in flames before he can even save himself?

When we last saw Sander, he and Killian had returned to Lantern City to find it in chaos. Brother Pont and his army had taken over a good portion of the city, and Sander had decided to align himself with his Fortache brethren against Killian and Brother Pont. But double-crossing your boss can be a dangerous business.

Sander is ordered by Killian to escort the council to his airship for safety, then take care of Jom and Terna. As he fights his way through the panic and chaos that has gripped Grey Towers, he finds Jom has hidden when his class was abandoned by their teacher. Ignoring Killian’s order to take care of the council first, he heads off to find Terna but realizes she is probably with Lady Grey and the rest of the council. Though he manages to get the council, Terna and Jom to the airship, Sander strongly suspects that Killian has another plan in motion. What it is, he cannot guess, but he warns Terna to not trust anyone; however, Sander has one more task to perform. Will he be able to finish what he started or will Lantern City fall to Brother Pont?

I think this was the issue I was waiting for. Tight and action-packed, Sander finally takes a stand and we realize where his character arc is taking him. No more vacillating between his old life and his duty to Killian. Sander decides to create a new path for himself. Whether it will lead to his success or demise, we shall have to wait and see.  Once again, terrific art by Carlos Magno and colors by Chris Blythe. 

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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