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‘Serving Supes #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Our crazy team of process servers is back, and this time they are trying to serve “Mister Mesmer.” Will they be able to serve him a court summons in time, or will they be hypnotized into some rather uncomfortable situations?

When Cheech and Clive try to serve Mister Mesmer, they are hypnotized into dressing up as the ruthless “Hansel and Gretel” killers. They are quickly apprehended by the police and are more embarrassed than anything else. Back at the office, their team babysits a bail jumper who goes by the name of “Free Face.” Apparently, he can shape-shift into anyone he touches. This is quite unfortunate as he manages to touch Juergen, and now they have two of them. Which one is real? Who knows? Meanwhile, Cheech and Chive are released from custody only to fall into Mister Mesmer’s hypnotic trap again and once again fail to deliver the summons. Will they be able to withstand Mister Mesmer’s powers? Will Tammy keep finding more ingenious ways to torture the wrong Juergen for answers? Is everyone going just a little bit nuts?

I read Serving Supes #1 a while ago when it was only in black and white. I’m glad First Comics made the decision to go to color, as I think it stands out much better. I have always loved the overall concept of this comic, and I think it could be terrific. Unfortunately, this issue did not possess the charm of the first and only gave me a few smiling moments where in the first issue I was laughing out loud. I would have liked to have seen a little more depth in the character development instead of one-off jokes. When the guys were hypnotized, the writers could have used that opportunity to reveal a little bit more of who they are and their relationship.

John Yuan’s art and the paneling were infused with a lot of energy which kept the momentum going. I also adore the character of Tammy and wonder if she could have a comic of her own. Overall, this is fun stuff and I hope to see more.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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