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‘Lantern City #8:’ Comic Book Review

After discovering his wife is a ruthless minion for Brother Pont and fearing that Killian has lost his mind, Sander is in a quandary. Does he abandon all hope to find his son, or does he press on to find some solution to the growing divide of “Haves” and “Have-nots” in Lantern City?

Waiting for Killian in the council chamber, Sander overhears plans to eliminate Pont by force without Killian’s consent or knowledge. When Killian finally arrives, he seems unconcerned with anything but the preparations for the upcoming Independence Day gala. Sander is dismissed and returns home to Terna and Jom. Still upset over Karla’s conversion to Pont’s extreme tactics, he decides the best thing he can do is find his son and bring him to Gray Towers. But to do that, he’ll need his niece, Linzel’s, help. Sander heads down to The Depths in search of her, only to realize that he can no longer blend in and quickly attracts the attention of a couple of Pont’s thugs. They are about to kill him when Linzel shows up and saves him. She tells him his search for Rennie is impossible as Pont moves the boy around constantly. Temporarily defeated in his quest, Sander returns in time to escort Killian to the Independence Day gala. The evening quickly turns violent, and Sander is caught up in a turn of events that will forever change Lantern City.

I really do the love the art and coloring in this series, which I have talked about before. This issue is the strongest yet, except for Sander conveniently being saved by the very person he is looking for; (This happens quite a lot.) however, the surprise at the end of the issue makes it all worth it, and I definitely did not see it coming.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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