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‘Lantern City #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

What’s the worst or most unusual thing that can happen to you in Lantern City’s “Underground?” Sander is about to find out.

A fateful meeting in the depths of Lantern City leads Sander to lend his protection to none other than Killian Grey, the city’s supreme leader. A youth who clearly enjoys the rush of being “down below,” he claims to want to see what really goes on down there not believing what his advisors tell him. The pair is instantly set upon by Brother Pont’s men and they flee. Killian knows a safe haven if Sander can get them there—alive.  Fighting every inch of the way, the men eventually become trapped and know death is eminent.  An angry Sander reveals who he really is and the desperate situation his people are facing.  But, before Killian can react to this knowledge, Sander discovers the makings of a Molotov Cocktail in the abandoned building and kills enough of Pont’s men to allow them to escape.  The two men soon split up and Sander knows a reckoning is coming. Will Killian Grey turn him in or will he live to see his family again?

Once again, the action moves swiftly and to the point. I’ve been enjoying the artwork and coloring of this series, and this issue is no exception.  Magno and Blythe do a bang-up job.  The comic has excellent action sequences, and I smiled bit when Sander created Lantern City’s version of a Molotov Cocktail; however, I did really bump on one bit of Sander’s internal monologue when he said, “I’d run a hundred miles if it meant I’d be somewhere safe.”  Maybe it’s just me, but it made me think of him as a coward. I totally understand his sentiment under the situation, but I thought less of him after he made that comment. His objective has always been to stay alive for his family, and I think any of his internal thoughts need to reflect that in order to maintain consistency. And, there’s also the issue that he always manages to get out of impossible situations. But hey, it’s a really fun story with characters to like and bad guys to hate.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m sure the next issue will give Sander culture shock. Enjoy!


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