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‘Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The supernatural hunting trio of Abbie, Jennie, and Ichabod are back on the job in this four-issue standalone series from BOOM! Studios. Written by Eric Carrasco and with art by Victor Santos, I think we are in for a treat with this story.

Given a lead on a powerful, ancient artifact, Jennie takes it upon herself to give the witnesses a break while she hunts it down; however, the Freemasons have set a trap, and Jennie finds herself hanging quite literally off the edge of a cliff. She is saved by a young Amish woman named Emily who is the caretaker of “The Spike,” the object that Jennie is seeking. When Jennie brings her to the police station for Abbie to question, they learn that Emily is part of a long line of caretakers who have been guarding “The Spike” for generations. She knows that Abbie and Ichabod are “The Witnesses.” Called by the artifact to protect it, Emily believes that something evil is coming for it, and she needs their help. Emily couldn’t be more right, as a biker gang with motives yet unknown is on its way to collect it. Could Ichabod, Abbie, and Jennie have finally met their match?

Initially, I wasn’t wild about the art, having read the previous mini-series drawn by Jorge Coelho, but Mr. Santos soon won me over with his interesting paneling and page transitions. Mr. Carrasco does a great job of pacing the story and “showing, not telling.” I would have liked a little bit more Ichabod and Abbie scenes, as I personally love how they interact and would like to see how he handles Ichabod’s distinctive speech patterns; however, I imagine we’ll see more of that in later issues. It is nice to see Jennie’s character out on her own, though.

The cover art by Joe Quinones works very well and sets up the tone and the theme of this mini-series perfectly. I look forward to seeing how our trio fights their way out of this predicament.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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