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‘Lantern City #3:’ Comic Book Review

Barely escaping death in a raid, Sander continues to masquerade as Captain Orlin in order to learn more about the Guards and to save his own life.  As he meets and talks to them, he is surprised to learn they are just as human and vulnerable as those who live in the Depths.  Lantern City has made the Guards a different sort of slave, but slaves nonetheless.  He’s also found an unlikely ally in the wife of the guard Captain he killed. But, the Lantern City Council knows that rebellion may be brewing within the ranks of the Guard and have sent Mr. Belm to root it out. Belm is highly suspicious of Sander and sets him up for a suicide mission.  Sander now has to choose sides in order to survive: Guard or Depth Dweller.

New writer Mairghread Scott (with Matthew Daley) smoothly transitions between issues two and three and sets us up right where we left off. The voice-over is terse and to the point, and the story moves very quickly but gives you just the right amount of detail to want more. I love the fact that we are seeing more people of color which makes the story feel more grounded in reality. (And, the fact that this is a class-defined society, not a racially divided one.) The juxtaposition of voice-over to action makes for an engrossing read. My one nitpick would be that there was a very convenient, “secret” way for Sander to get back to the Depths without anyone noticing.  I’m guessing everyone would know about this and would be watching whoever uses it. Perhaps this will be exploited in the future?

The cover art by Benjamin Carré is awesome, and, once again, Carlos Magno and Chris Blythe have done a great job with the art and coloring. The detail rocks, and the colors set up the dark and ominous tone very well. I look forward to reading more.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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