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‘Damn Tourists #3:’ Comic Book Review

Mr. Postcard, Mr. Oblivious, Ms. Informed, and Mr. Aloha have descended upon the city of Los Angeles in Damn Tourists #3 to continue their unintentional assault upon good taste and polite behavior all in their quest to find movie stars.

After their rather abrupt arrival on Venice Beach, our clueless tourists manage to cause eye injuries and insult everyone around them as they snap photos of street performers.  Their journey takes them from Santa Monica Pier to San Francisco and back all in one day.  They return just in time for a red carpet movie premiere. What happens next is pretty much more than a seasoned Hollywood pro would ever want to handle.

The third issue is fun and cute but relies too heavily on the same jokes.  I also think Mr. Carter could have used more sound effects to heighten the fun and comedy in the general mayhem our favorite tourists caused; however, I do like the fact that they are obsessed with every cliché and stereotype about Los Angeles and Hollywood (namely, everyone is an actor or a performer of some sort).  It makes me wonder if Mr. Carter has spent a little too much time being a tourist himself. (Wink, wink.)

Next stop—Las Vegas.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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