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‘Damn Tourists #2:’ Comic Book Review

We’re back in Hawaii with our four clueless tourists – Mr. Postcard, Mr. Oblivious, Ms. Informed, and Mr. Aloha – who continue to insult, humiliate, and mildly terrorize other tourists and the local population. In the previous issue, their bumbling had inadvertently solved a major traffic problem. Now, let’s see what other trouble they can get into in their last week in paradise.

The governor of Hawaii was so impressed with our favorite tourists’ ability to solve crime and traffic issues that an entire highway, with a red carpet no less, was built in their honor. Unfortunately, no one else can use it but tourists. For their last adventure, our “fearsome foursome” decide they want to see how real Hawaiians live. They pick the Polynesian Cultural Center as the perfect spot for this adventure. What they don’t realize is that it’s a theme park run by the Mormons, and no “real” Hawaiian villages exist anymore. Needless to say, they manage to cause havoc all the while thinking everyone around them is having a good time.

The comic is very fun and humorous, and the main characters’ antics make you hope that you never act that way when you are on vacation.  (You definitely have profound sympathy toward whoever ends up dealing with these people.)  I did think Mr. Carter missed an opportunity here to reveal more of the dark side of paradise which he touched upon in the first issue.  As I noted in my first review, I believe he could have used his main characters’ total obliviousness to dig deeper into social issues (possibly mirroring them) while maintaining the story’s humor.

The art is fine, but the colors pop, giving us the same brightness of a sunny Hawaiian day. I think Mr. Carter could work more on his lettering, but it seems better than the first issue; however, these characters’ next tourist stop is Los Angeles. If you live there, I suggest you leave town before they arrive.


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