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‘Sleepy Hollow #3:’ Comic Book Review

Our favorite heroes from Sleepy Hollow are at it again in this third installment of a four-issue story arc from BOOM! Written by Marguerite Bennett and with art by Jorge Coelho, Ichabod Crane has managed to divest himself of the evil Colin Van Bilj with the help of Abbie and her sister, Jenny. Now, the team faces the possibility of battling a god.

Local movers disappear at an old Freemason Lodge which prompts a call from Henry Parrish to aid in their recovery. When the team of Ichabod, Abbie, the Captain, and Jenny arrive to help, Ichabod discovers an old grandfather clock which he believes may have been imbued with supernatural powers so great as to seem almost godlike. Unfortunately, he touches the clock which sends all of them to a nightmare realm of their own making.  Now, each of them must face their own personal demons to fight their way out.

This issue is the best of the series so far, and I really enjoyed it. Fast paced and without the logic bumps in previous issues, I wish this was the first story they started with.  The ending of this issue would have been a great stepping off point for the entire series or at least Issue #2. I realize the writer needed time to set up the Hessian backstory, but, other than being an enjoyable read, Issue #1 seems superfluous at this point and could have been worked into Issue #2; however, what is really fun is you can really begin to see the machinations of Henry Parrish as the true puppet master and the team his unwitting playthings.

As usual, the dialogue was spot on as were the art and coloring. In fact, I think I’m becoming a bit of fangirl for colorist Tamra Bonvillian.  The issue also includes a short story about Ichabod having too good of a time at the mall from Noelle Stevenson.

Definitely a fun ride for Sleepy Hollow fans.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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