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‘Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #12’ – Advance Comic Book Review

In this final chapter of the twelve-issue series from Dark Horse, John Connor has sealed his fate and become a Terminator himself. In a deal with Skynet, John Connor has had his consciousness downloaded into a T-Unit in order to fight Parnell on his own terms. Though he is successful in killing Parnell, his human body was . . . well . . . terminated. Now, he’s faced with a new dilemma: Seek revenge or peace.

In the hopes that he can salvage the human race as well as use Skynet to help with reconstruction, Connor chooses peace and, for the time being, Skynet accepts. The road to the future is rife with trust issues as humans and T-Units work side by side to rebuild. But, John Connor did die that last day of the war, and it’s up to the science and technical expertise of Dr. Kogan, whether or not he can be “reborn” again. Even if she is successful, the future may once again be influenced by the past.

Having reviewed almost all of the issues, I can say this has been a very fun and enjoyable ride. The art has been terrific and the story tight and well developed. As I’ve pointed out in almost every issue, the character of John Connor has been the weakest link, and it would have been nice to see his leadership abilities demonstrated. He clearly had no problem with self-sacrifice, but when his troops so easily doubted him in earlier issues when he no longer knew the future spoke volumes about his ability (or rather inability) to lead. On the other hand, it may have spoken to the stupidity of the troops who were so willing to follow someone simply because he knew the future. Either way, I’m not sure it really matters, for if you like the Terminator series in general, you’ll enjoy this one, as well.

The series was written by Joe Stracynski, with art by Pete Woods and colors by Matthew Wilson.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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