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‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Episode 7 – Behold . . . the Committee of Evil Doers!’ and ‘Episode 8 – Some Romantic Notion’ Reviews

‘Episode 7 – Behold . . . the Committee of Evil Doers’

The whole cast is together at last as Morgan (Megan Alyse) gathers together all of Trinity Infinity’s villains who together will be known as the . . . . Committee of Evil Doers? The name might need some work, but it’s a solid plan to bring Katelyn (Kit Quinn) back from her delusion, where she thinks she is the cosmic, costumed superhero Trinity Infinity.

Episode 7 of Sweethearts places us back firmly in the realm of geekdom with references galore, because it’s not a surprise cosplay party unless someone dresses out of theme and makes an allusion to good, old Admiral Ackbar. The Sweethearts writing team has found room to fit in so many jokes and delightfully quotable bits this episode that it’s worth watching on its own just for that. David Dickerson and Kelby LeNorman deserve special recognition for their deliveries. Together, they needed only 30 seconds to get me giggling like mad at the start of the episode.

There are plenty of great character moments to go along with it, as we see Katelyn get thoroughly confused by the appearance of both Lilly (Lola Binkerd) and Silvia (Tallest Silver) dressed as the character Element 47, Silvia’s well-meaning, if misguided, switch to assisting Morgan, and my personal favorite, Morgan getting completely into character as The Wretched.

You can watch Episode 7 of Sweethearts of the Galaxy here.

Four and a Half Misplaced Spider-Men out of Five


‘Episode 8 – Some Romantic Notion’

When Katelyn and Morgan nearly come to blows, Lilly and Paul hit the pause button to get to the bottom of this brewing conflict. One of the nice things about Episode 8 is it switches up the dynamics somewhat, giving us a Lilly scene with someone besides Katelyn and finally giving Paul and Katelyn some alone time.

I am finally satisfied. I got my Morgan heart-to-heart as Lilly tries to help her work through her feelings for Paul. Both Binkerd and Alyse have done a fantastic job with these characters (I love the sassy ladies.), and this scene was well earned after the two of them nearly got into a catfight a few episodes ago. To break up all the character development is Silvia, who, despite losing her job recently, is able to find the joy in the little things. Like cake.

On the other side of things, this episode features some NSFW content, as Paul and Katelyn get a little . . . well, a lot closer, if you catch my drift. I’ve been ready to see these two characters have a moment like this for a while but was a little less satisfied with the results. There are one too many d–k jokes for me in what could otherwise be a very sweet scene, and Paul throws his understanding of consent – when copious amounts of alcohol are involved – right out the window, which makes me like him less as a character.

Will Morgan manage to destroy Katelyn’s reality and get her committed? Will Paul be able to figure out how to put back on that codpiece? Will Silvia get enough cake to be satisfied? We’ll find out the answer to at least some of these questions on the next episode.

In the meantime, though, you can watch Episode 8, NSFW content and all, for yourselves here.

Four Happy Sauce Torture Techniques out of Five

Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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