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‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Episode 4 – Faking Normal’ Review

It’s time to get back to work. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is back from its hiatus and starts the second half of the series by throwing Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who still believes she’s the alien superhero Trinity Infinity, into her day job. Cue hijinks.


Episode 4 changes up the dynamics somewhat, bringing Silvia (Tallest Silver) back in to help Katelyn navigate her day job. Silvia and Katelyn’s dynamic is somewhat different than that shared with Paul or Lilly. Silvia often acts as the straight man, constantly reminding Katelyn to “be normal” and setting up Katelyn’s jokes in the process or attempting to play off the things Katelyn says. It’s nice to see Kit Quinn play a bigger part in an episode and get to do more with the character. Silver provides the necessary grounding and plays off the chaos around her well.

The writing is top notch on this episode. The funny and the crazy doesn’t just come from Katelyn this time. Two new characters, Katelyn and Silvia’s boss (Michael Hornbuckle) and fellow caterer Tessa (Sandra Saad), provide some nice commentary on LA culture and working minimum wage jobs wrapped up in wonderful dialogue that had me nodding along in agreement and laughing my a– off.  Hornbuckle comes across as a micromanaging, power abuser and a bit creepy with the way he says and constantly includes the word “girls” when addressing Katelyn and Silvia. Saad, on the other hand, hits notes of desperation and jealously that act as a nice representation of the Boss’ effects on his employee.

To my surprise, Episode 4 isn’t all jokes about crappy jobs, superheroes, and actor culture, but hits on a deeper message. Katelyn repeatedly questions what “normal” means and shows humanity in many ways how we might act if we were a little less concerned with money and societal rules and a bit more concerned about standing up for our beliefs. There’s a crowning moment of awesome/funny moments in the episode that hit me a lot like Paul’s moment of utter despair in Episode 2, which is to say, it made the series for me.

You can check out Episode 4 for yourself here.

Five Intergalactic Caterers out of Five

PS: In case you missed it, during their holiday hiatus the Sweethearts team put out several great videos including “A Drunk History of Sweethearts of the Galaxy,” a totally rad Bill and Ted meet Death adventure in “Sweethearts vs. Death,” and the creepifying Game of Thrones tribute “A Red Hiatus.” All of these can be watched over at

PPS: Lilly’s (Lola Binkerd) part in the cold open for this episode may be one of the greatest things ever. Such sass!

PPPS: Shout-out to FBC Contributor Steven Alloway who plays one of the extras in this episode and provides some of the best facial expressions – his “WTF” look, at one point in the episode, being especially a favorite of mine.

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