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‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Episode 3 – Becoming a Supervillain’ Review

Holy cat fights, Batman! The third episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy, the web series about a woman, Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who believes she is the superhero Trinity Infinity, focuses on Paul’s (David Dickerson) roommate and ex-girlfriend, Morgan (Megan Alyse). Although the closest thing to an antagonist thus far for the series, I still feel more sorry for her than rooting against her. I think there’s a missed opportunity to show what Morgan did to put Lilly and Paul so much on the defensive. From my perspective as a viewer, it seems like Morgan is looking for any excuse to interact with them. This is possibly a strategy to get close to Paul again, or maybe she’s just lonely.

Whatever the motivation, Morgan does not know how to make friends. Alyse is able to have her words drip venom and supplements them well with little actions, like an eye roll or a dismissive gesture that make her come across as arrogant. One aspect that I found quite irritating personally was Morgan’s habit of using the words “Fudge” and “Sugar” in place of traditional swears. While a cute one-off use, Morgan’s habit of using one of these words in every other sentence made me start to fudging hate it.

A few critical lines from Paul and Lilly (Lola Binkerd) had poor delivery this time around, but aside from that Dickerson and Binkerd play their parts well. Most notably is the verbal sparing match between Lilly and Morgan. Binkerd and Alyse have a great chemistry and rhythm, and the dialogue delivers some “sick burns” and cute moments. (Seriously, I can’t blame Lilly for being distracted by a pair of great boots.) What’s missing most this time around is involvement from Katelyn. She’s a part of the episode, but her presence feels less necessary due to the focus on the non-delusional characters, but, based on the preview, we’re in store for more Trinity Infinity antics next time.

Sweethearts of the Galaxy can be watched over here, and be sure to check out their Facebook page to keep up with the cast and crew.

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