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‘Sweethearts of the Galaxy: Episode 2 – Capturing Necrocide’ Review

I want to give Paul (David Dickerson) a great big hug. The poor guy. Paul lives with his ex-girlfriend Morgan (Megan Alyse) and is trying desperately to make enough money to move out. He’s also been pursuing his crush, the geeky girl next door, Katelyn (Kit Quinn), and needs her help to get to a job interview. There’s just one problem: after hitting her head at a comic book convention, Katelyn thinks she’s the superhero Trinity Infinity.

This episode is full of geeky and situational humor as Katelyn’s roommate Lilly (Lola Binkerd) and Paul try to diagnose what’s wrong with Katelyn and try to spin a story to get her to not only stop trying to fly every few seconds but start to going about her normal life. Despite being geeks themselves, Lilly and Paul rip into the lore of the Trinity Infinity comics and all of its glorious Silver Age tropes as they search for ideas to help Katelyn. When they do finally enact a plan, it goes gloriously awry.

The acting in this episode deserves some props. Kit Quinn once again plays the straight man and plays the part of the girl who thinks she’s a superhero perfectly. I can’t imagine how tired her legs were after jumping nonstop for a day of shooting. Binkerd and Dickerson play off of Quinn’s antics wonderfully. Dickerson, in particular, does a lot of subtle things in his portrayal of Paul: the hurt he feels that Katelyn stood him up for a date, the WTF factor of finding out the girl he likes has gone crazy, the sly smirk when Lilly mentions Katelyn’s crush on him, and the incredible awkwardness when talking about or to his ex. The one emotion Dickerson doesn’t play particularly well is anger, but the lackluster outbursts are made up for by his ability to portray the Charlie Brown of the Sweethearts universe. Seriously, all of the hugs, Paul. It’ll get better. I’m sure. Maybe. Okay, probably not.

Although her role has been small up to this point, I’m excited to see Megan Alyse have a larger part in future episodes. So far, I feel for her about as much as Paul, in spite of everyone’s insistence so far that she’s evil, and I think there’s going to be more to her character than being the antagonist. Until then, I highly recommend checking out this episode and past episodes of Sweethearts of the Galaxy here.

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Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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