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‘The Last of Us: American Dreams #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review (The Joys and Terrors of Freedom Fighting)

Ellie and Riley snuck outside of Boston’s walls in an effort to locate and join the Fireflies, only when they found them, the group wasn’t so thrilled to see them. The Fireflies knocked them out and took them into their custody.

The timing for these American Dreams issues has been perfect. The first couple gave a nice taste of the world in anticipation of the game’s release, and these last two I feel have been enhanced by my enjoyment of The Last of Us. The highlight of this issue is seeing the people Marlene and Ellie know, who they will become, and the tragedy of it all. Marlene is so desperate to keep her Fireflies alive, and it’s in direct opposition to her goal to save the world; it’s obvious it eats at her. Marlene’s words on each of these topics are chilling knowing what’s to come for her. The strength of character and attitude Ellie displays in The Last of Us is on full display here, and it’s glorious to see it again. After acting as Riley’s sidekick in the last couple of issues, we see the independent and feisty Ellie we knew was in there. Perhaps most exciting for me was a further look at Marlene and Ellie’s relationship and Marlene’s connection to Ellie’s mom. There were a few surprises in here that fans of The Last of Us shouldn’t miss.

The character work steals the show, but the art still deserves its due. There’s not a lot of setting work going on here, but the characters look fantastic and capturing genuine and complex emotion is right in Hicks’ wheelhouse. The brutality of violence in The Last of Us universe seems a bit silly in her style, but the actions leading up to the injuries are wholly believable.

As American Dreams comes to a close, I find myself wondering again whether I want to see more stories set in The Last of Us. It’s a complicated question. I’ve enjoyed my time with the characters and the setting and want to see more, but perhaps this is the best stopping place. At least, until the DLC. 😉

Five Framed Wanted Posts out of Five

Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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