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‘Ehmm Theory #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review (We’re on a Mission from G—Is That a Giant Cybernetic Crab?)

Ehmm Theory 2


Ehmm Theory 2Gabriel Ehmm died, and then he was given a mission from God (okay, Saint Peter) and sent back to Earth with a talking kitten named Mr. Whispers (also dead) to take out monsters and stuff, but Gabe and Whispers ran into an old Russian lady named Alyona who is about to clue Gabe into a much larger purpose.

This series is moving fast and wasting no time. Ehmm Theory #2 is packed with plot progression and an exploration of the larger setting but also delivers a pretty sweet action scene in the middle involving the giant, cybernetic crab that’s featured on both the cover and the warning label. (Seriously, Ehmm Theory‘s warning labels are the best!) If you thought dead people and cats being brought back to life or zombies were odd in the first issue, you’ve seen nothing yet. This issue shows just how impressive some of the threats Gabe will face are and introduces a team of heroes way more screwed up (and powerful) than him.

The art in this book is fantastic. The skyline’s make use of an odd, textured format, but everything else is smooth lines, brilliant-looking action, and creative character designs. The team that pops up this issue in particular looks great, a little bit scary, and a lot weird. Add some A+ and hilarious dialogue and you have yourselves a great comic.

Ehmm Theory is a wacky comic, and this issue is filled with the same quality of humor. As usual, Whispers, Gabe’s talking kitten, is the champion of this particular arena. Have the kitten say something foul, and it’s the greatest and most adorable thing ever! In particular, Whispers gets into an argument with a member of the heroes’ team I mentioned earlier that is perfectly vulgar and hilarious.

I don’t want to say anything else and spoil all the change-ups and progression in this issue for anyone, but this is a great addition to Action Lab: Danger Zone. Issue #2 can be purchased at

Four Cute Talking Animals out of Five



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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