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‘Amala’s Blade #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review (How Much Does It Cost to Stay at the Seven Silvers Inn Again?)

Amalas Blade 2


Amalas Blade 2Oh my god, that dead monkey! I’d read this comic for the little ghost alone. Amala’s Blade is the story of Amala, the greatest assassin in all the land, at least to hear her tell it. Amala sees ghosts of everyone and everything she’s killed (including that monkey!) as they haunt her. After being sent on a contract to kill Lady Strawbale, the highest-ranking Purifier noblewoman, Amala finds herself in quite a bit of trouble when a group of Modifier soldiers catch up with her and are about to make her life a living hell.

Issue #2 has plenty of fighting as Amala makes her way to Lady Strawbale, filled with gorgeous-looking action as she duels Modifier and Purifier alike. This issue also introduces the ghosts more properly explaining what’s going on and how her being haunted may not always be such a bad thing. Excepting the monkey, the ghosts don’t have such a defined personality, but as one entity they’re perfect to play off of Amala, both giving and taking away options from her.

More of Amala’s world is introduced, including smart-a– innkeepers, other interesting travelers, and a lot more of Purifier and Modifier culture. If you haven’t seen Michael Dialynas’ art yet, you’re missing out. Amala’s Blade is a gorgeous book and getting to see these different settings—both the cities and the wilderness—is a real treat. Sadly, there’s not much of Smitty and Ren to be found this issue, but the new cast members make up for that, including a glimpse of lil’ Amala, who is so freaking cute!

Five Ghost Monkeys with Adorable, Little Hats out of Five



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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