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‘Star Wars: Legacy #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

SW Legacy 3


SW Legacy 3On the run from Imperial agents, Ania, Sauk, and AG-37 flee the Carreras system in AG’s freighter with Imperial fighters hot on their trail. While the “theft” and possession of an Imperial Knight’s lightsaber is taken seriously, once the property has been returned, you wouldn’t think blasting someone out of the sky would be next on their agenda.

Issue #3 is a fast-paced chase as our trio have to outsmart and outfly their technologically superior pursuers. Since The Empire Strikes Back, the freighter vs. fighter chase has been a classic of Star Wars, and Legacy lives up to this tradition. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the comic moving with some genuine plot progression at the end that finally connects Ania’s story to the larger intergalactic tale. The characters are rather funny this time around as they argue, get to know one another, and work through their set of circumstances.

Perhaps my favorite thing over these last few issues has been the character dynamics, and Issue #3 cements them. Ania Solo is every bit Han’s heir; she’s sarcastic, aggressive, cocky, and talented at what she does. Her young age hasn’t made her any more willing to listen to the advice of others, but, fortunately, she’s clever and scrappy enough to get herself out of most situations. Sauk is still my favorite; the young Mon Calamaria is the technical genius of the group, able to fix just about anything. Sauk is far more cautious than Ania, preferring to stay out of harm’s way, but, as Issue #3 proves, when the chips are down, Sauk will stand up for his friends, even if he hasn’t the slightest idea what he’s doing in a fight. AG-37 is an assassin droid who is actually rather calm and helpful. Thus far, he’s been more the voice of reason in the group and seems to be the only one really capable of handling himself. Issue #3 also rounds out the group with a fourth member who provides a nice counterpoint to Ania in a different way and provides some much needed muscle and knowledge to their group. I can’t wait to see more interactions and adventures with these four.

Issue #3 finally delivered what I’d been waiting for, a solid issue with fun character dynamics and a larger focus on Ania, giving us time to get to know her and her new crew better.

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