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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone!’

Mighty Heroes


Mighty HeroesPirates, ninjas, robots, and spies! When time and space start to fold in on themselves, these four different factions are found in a struggle to get to safety when they’re sucked into another dimension, the monster zone! Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone! is an upcoming game created by Mighty Heroes Games which incorporates a mix of deck building, traditional board games, tabletop miniatures, and RPG elements to create a unique feel. Players have a set goal of escaping with their lives and can choose to work together or make one another’s lives difficult. Each faction handles differently, providing unique abilities such as the pirate’s ability to steal cards from other players while the ninja can sneak by would-be attackers. All of these heroes level up during the course of play, gaining access to new special abilities. Over time, the company intends to expand upon the available factions, but stretch goals can lead to unlocking the Knights and Aliens factions, as well as additional monster mini sets. Each faction comes with a board that explains the rules and provides unique faction abilities, a deck of cards for the faction, and a beautiful miniature created by Reaper.

Mighty Heroes Games is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to increase the production value of the game. Several different tiers are available where backers can earn credit on the company’s website, a poster for the game, a copy of the game itself, and a set of Kickstarter exclusive Special FX cards for use in the game. Additional funds can be pledged on top of one of the tiers in order to pick up additional posters, copies of the game, and Kickstarter exclusive cards, so you can tailor your pledge to your needs. In addition to your pledge, you might consider liking their page on Facebook, as 200 likes will unlock an alternate all-female hero mini set. As someone who heartily believes that girls kick a–, this is something I know I’d like to see available.

Noah Wright, lead designer of Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone!, was kind enough to take a few minutes of his time to answer my questions about the game and its Kickstarter.

Kristine Chester, Fanboy Comics Senior Contributor: Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone! blends elements from a variety of tabletop game types including deck builders, miniature games, and RPGs. What was the inspiration behind combining these genres of games, and how did you get them to work together?

Noah Wright: I liked aspects of all of these game types. Being able to play cards to mess up other players or get a boost, having a Hero that levels up gaining strength, and having cool minis that bring character to the tabletop are what makes so many games a blast! Combining them was a given when I set out to write my first draft of the rule set. Getting them to work together, however, was a challenge. It took many playtest sessions with friends, an open mind, and thick skin to finally get the balanced and fun rule set that we have today.

Mighty Heroes Set-UpKC: What’s the general set-up of a Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone! game? What are the players’ end goal?

NW: The story is a light hearted one. An evil mad scientist is trying to take over the world by opening portals to the mysterious “Monster Zone,” and, in so doing, he is destroying our universe. The “Heroes” are trying to escape into a wormhole that leads to an unaltered dimension. Players win the game by getting to the wormhole at the top of the board and defeating the random monster that guards it first.

KC: What are some of your Kickstarter pledge levels and rewards?

NW: The obvious one is a copy of the game after it is produced. On top of that, backers can get an art book, posters, and exclusive cards to play in the game to name a few. There is also an opportunity to grab dinner with us at GenCon next year.

KC: What are some of your stretch goals?

NW: We are hoping to open up new factions into the game as expansions. I have written rules for 5 more, but we’ve only revealed a Knights and an Aliens faction for the stretch goals. Also acrylic portals would look awesome, and that’s on the list, as well. If we make 50k, we’ll be able to make a “horde mode” version of the game with 15 monster minis and a totally different gaming experience.

KC: While we know a bunch about the Mighty Heroes part of the name, what sort of denizens can we expect to encounter in the Monster Zone?

NW: There are 15 monsters to start with. I like the crypto-zoological creatures of legend, so I started there. The game has monsters from Trolls to Big Foot and Mermaids to Dragons, each with a different strength and killer art by Jim.

KC: Pirate, ninja, robot, or spy?

NW: I really enjoy the Spy, because he can grab a boost from the Special FX deck and then stack the top cards to mess with the other players. Each faction has its own feel, so you will probably find your favorite after a few rounds.

Mighty Heroes FactionKC: What are future plans for expanding Mighty Heroes and the Monster Zone!? I know I’m pretty excited about the possibility of more factions. Does Mighty Heroes Games have any other games in the works you can talk about?

NW: Of course! First, we plan to have all 5 of the additional factions produced eventually. Since the game has no limit for players, I could foresee huge, nine-player games really getting messy. As far as future games, we have five written four of which are fully playtested. They include a skirmish-style mini war game crossover with chain-gun wielding bears and remote controlled turrets and many more fun things. Also, an open world RPG system that is geared for quick character creation and fast leveling. A fully co-op space horror game with alien creatures lurking all around you on a ship that’s falling apart while you try to rescue the crew, just to give you an idea.

To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign and to make your pledge, click here. To learn more about Noah Wright and Mighty Heroes Games, check out their Facebook page.



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