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‘Regular Show #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Five-Second Rule. It’s a Thing.)

Regular Show 1


Regular Show 1If you’re a fan of Adult Swim or similar American cartoon humor, then Regular Show was designed with you in mind. Basically, some animals, a sentient gumball machine, a ghost, and a deformed, green person hang out together in a park and get themselves into trouble time and time again. This time, it’s at a benefit concert that Muscle Man decides could do with some spicing up . . .

While not actually an Adult Swim cartoon, Regular Show is based off of a Cartoon Network show in that similar vein. The art style is very Family Guy or Bob’s Burgers looking, which matches the vibe of the comic perfectly. The translation works wonderfully, with zero issues cropping up by removing the animation. The actual scenario the characters find themselves in is absolutely ridiculous even before it spirals out of control, but if you can shut your brain off during it, it’s both trippy and enjoyable. The jokes are pretty good, managing to cover the gamut from making fun of cartoon animals not wearing pants to poking fun at mosh pits.

While Regular Show does feature an ongoing story as the meat of the issue, it also includes a backup tale featuring some of the same characters that’s able to be resolved within this issue. This provides an extra bit of variety to the jokes and a set-up to keep the comic feeling fresh.

Three Hi-Fiving Ghosts Out of Five



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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