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‘I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep!’: Children’s Book Review

I Dont Want to Go to Sleep


I Dont Want to Go to SleepIt’s been a long day and though it’s bed time, these kids don’t want to go to sleep, because sleeping is boring and they want to have fun, so the moon politely explains all the ways sleeping can be just as much fun through the children’s dreams.

I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep! uses a digital form of art that’s not so much my thing, but I think a lot of little kids would adore, especially given the trends towards these designs in most cartoon shows. The scenarios the moon presents are outlandish and silly but full of wonder and exactly the sort of things your average child would no doubt find enticing like a river of soda or having a T-Rex as a pet, making this a great, little book to read right before bed.

My major gripe with this book is its relative length. Coming in at a total of 13 pages counting the cover, it’s slight in pages and text with other children’s books coming in between double and triple that. While in the case of most media I believe the product’s final length is exactly the length it needs to be, when reading a children’s book right before bed hitting the right number of pages, not too short, not too long is important. I’d like to have seen even more dream scenarios play out or possibly even a refrain as the moon starts to get through to the kids as they took control of their own dream possibilities.

A solid, little read when a child wants a story before bed, and you know the next words out of their mouth are going to be I Don’t Want to Go to Sleep!



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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