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Free Comic Book Day: Action Lab’s ‘Molly Danger’ Featuring ‘Princeless’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Molly Danger


Molly DangerThat wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. Nerd Christmas itself: Free Comic Book Day. Action Lab Entertainment has an awesome all-ages issue in store for the occasion, featuring an adventure of their new heroine, Molly Danger, and a serving of Adrienne, their princess who refuses to be a damsel in distress in Princeless.

Molly Danger

Molly Danger is the story of a superpowered 10-year-old girl who fights villains with the aid of a military unit known as D.A.R.T. Molly is feisty and excited to do her job, though this leaves her, at times, going against the orders of D.A.R.T. and her own mother. This issue offers up a bite-sized story that introduces basically what it’s like for Molly on the job. The action is solid, and the character interactions are amazing. While Molly’s at the center of everything, the book introduces quite a few members of D.A.R.T. who are just as much fun and as eager to help protect their home city of Coopersville.

The art in Molly Danger is crisp and brilliantly colored. The design work in this book is incredible, from the futuristic designs of the supermech and D.A.R.T.’s equipment to Molly’s costume, which I’ll happily note is cute without being exploitative. Creator Jamal Igle has a way with character expressions that made this story for me, from Molly giving puppy dog eyes at one point to a pilot’s Maverickian smirk. Have I mentioned yet that Molly Danger is all-ages appropriate? Whether a kid or an adult, Molly Danger is good, clean fun with a little girl being a true hero.


After growing tired of waiting on a prince to rescue her, Adrienne Ashe rescued herself and is now on a mission to rescue her entowered sisters with the aid of a friendly dragon and her companion Bedelia. This issue has Adrienne and Bedelia doing what they do best, helping other girls to rescue themselves and showing up the boys who try to stand in their way. I simply adore this idea and it’s executed well. In places, this message felt rather heavy handed with regards to the “battle between the sexes” for a younger audience, but, outside of these spots, the book is extremely kid friendly.

The art for this book is cartoonish and silly, as are the plot points outside of the core concept, resorting to more slapstick and simple humor. As an adult, I didn’t get as much from this story as I did from Molly Danger, but I still had a good time rooting for the ladies.

If you’d like to see some women kicking butt and in starring roles, then I’d highly recommend this be one of the issues you pick up on Free Comic Book Day. With books like these, little girls have some excellent role models to look to in their comics.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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