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‘Eponymous #1’ (Dreaming of a Secret Agent Superhero Lady): Comic Book Review



EponymousLucy’s dreams and nightmares are coming true. She sees terrorism, riots, war, genocide, and superheroes, all caused by the actions of a woman in body armor with a stylized cross across her chest. The organization that has Lucy in its custody decides to prove whether she can actually see the future once and for all, and in case she’s right, prepares to take out the Eponymous threat that’s destined to cause all this destruction.

Eponymous does two noteworthy things: the first is how it plays with the idea of Lucy seeing the path events are about to take. She is the single most important character in the world as it’s her dreams that spur both sides on and start the entire conflict. Whether Lucy’s visions can be altered has yet to be explored, though she seems to think so. This confident little girl is great at being cute and morbid as the situation warrants it. The second thing this comic does is it has a practical hero. Casey’s “costume” makes her look more like special forces than a Batman copycat. She looks tough, no nonsense, and ready to take on the world. The flourish of her cross insignia is perfect, as it makes her stand out, gives her a “symbol” on her chest like most superheroes, and, as seen in this issue, it has a practical purpose, as well.

This issue is a collection of short stories set in this universe that teases more that it delivers, but it lays out some good hooks and plays a lot with Lucy’s prophetic dreams. This issue felt slow because of this but managed to ensnare me enough to make me want to come back for more. I’d like to have learned more about Casey’s abilities and background, but the mystery surrounding this incredible woman is the major lure going into Issue #2.

Eponymous has a photorealistic art style that’s highly accurate and a little unnerving to look at. The character designs look great; Lucy is as cute as a button, Casey stands tall and proud, and the organization going after Casey is a group of suit-wearing bureaucrats more worried about keeping their jobs than actually doing them. This issue also contains a couple of splash pages that look good enough to hang on a wall (just an idea, Michael and Martin!)

Eponymous can be currently be purchased at its own website or as part of the VS. Comics line.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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