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‘Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #2’ (Take the Lightsaber and Run) – Advance Comic Book Review

SW Legacy V2 2


SW Legacy V2 2Now, Legacy is living up to the Star Wars I know and love. After trying to sell a lightsaber she salvaged, Ania Solo and her friend, Sauk, are in deep trouble. As if the local authorities weren’t bad enough, the Sith masquerading as an Imperial Knight wants that lightsaber back and is willing to go to extremes the authorities could never dream of in order to get it.

This issue largely focuses on Ania and Sauk on the run. These high action scenes show just how over their heads the two of them are. In the midst of all this running around, Ania shows more of her personality: her cleverness, her stubbornness, and her lineage’s propensity for coming up with really bad plans; she’s a Solo all right. I’m enjoying how Ania and Sauk’s friendship is developing. With all the trouble Ania’s bringing, it’s creating a difficult situation for the more passive Sauk, who is not the friend to roll over and take abuse without fighting back. This issue also introduces a third character to their party who I already adore for his way of speaking, unusual mentor-like position, and bada–ness. Like Sauk, I hope this new character gets swept up in Ania’s adventures at least for a time.

This issue packs in a lot of action and looks good doing it. The chase and firefight scenes in this book look incredible, and I’m loving the setting, ship, and character design work of this future Star Wars setting. The coloring work also deserves mentioning as these extra details lend momentum to the action scenes and is what has all those neat designs stand out.

Overall, this issue was a big step up, connecting Ania’s story with the larger events happening in the galaxy. A few details that went clear over my head in Issue #1 snapped into place here. I’m now just as interested in the larger plot as Ania’s story, which is getting more complex because, like any good Solo, Ania doesn’t know when to quit.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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