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‘Saga #12:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Cute Aliens > Philosophical Arguments)


Saga 12After being absent for issues, Prince Robot IV is back and still destined for the planet Quietus in an effort to anticipate Alana and Marko’s next destination to meet famed author D. Oswald Heist. Like when The Will returned, it’s good to have IV back in action.

At the heart of this issue is a discussion of war, who it affects, how it affects them, and if it is a necessary evil. How many comics would attempt to answer such sweeping philosophical questions in a single issue? Now, how many of them are able to do so in a satisfactory manner? This different direction may not please everyone, but I was pretty happy with this change-up. Likewise, the character number is kept small in this issue, but there is a lot being said and not said. IV is an intriguing character, one more content to use his brains to supplement his brawn unlike The Will, and he proves that in this issue.

We’ve met the cool looking, the scary looking, and the downright bizarre looking, but Saga #12 contains the cutest f—ing looking aliens ever. Seriously, I would break down and buy a plush of the first resident Prince Robot IV meets on Quietus in a second. The variety of creatures Staples is able to draw is impressive, and while my reactions to them are always different, I’ve yet to see a creature I was “Meh” about in this entire series.

If I had to name one fault with this issue, it’s that it could be considered slow paced. This issue focuses a lot more on dialogue and a slow build up rather than using impressive visuals and quick, bite-sized storytelling the series has been more known for, but as a one-off, a set-up issue, and a discussion of a deeper message, I am enthusiastic about its slow pace and happy Vaughan went this route instead. Now, please, hurry up and get here, Issue #13! Between Saga and Game of Thrones, these cliffhangers are going to kill me!



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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