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‘Snow Angel:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Snow AngelSnow Angel is back! This one-shot issue continues the story by David Chelsea that began as a 24-Hour Comic and was published in the anthology Snow Stories. Snow Angel is a girl who when she makes a snow angel turns into a superpowered crime fighter.

Snow Angel is a cute concept with art to match. The sort of crime Snow Angel is dealing with is very much on that child level like someone jaywalking. Watching Snow Angel solve these crimes is cute, if not terribly complicated. The bigger problem of the issue Snow Angel faces does leave one scratching their head and provides a compelling story as our snow-loving heroine tries to find a way around the problem; however, Snow Angel is filled with oddities and tangents, as well. The first half of the book is solid, but then it confused the living hell out of me when it took a bizarre turn. Spoiler! Let’s just say one of these tangents is a discussion about a lesser-known president that comes out of complete nowhere and lasts for several whole pages. What purpose it serves in the greater story I can’t understand, and the same goes for the other off-the-wall tangents. End Spoiler.

The art in Snow Angel is simplistic in a Sunday morning cartoon style. It benefits for it, as this all-ages book focuses on the fun to be had of most of the situations instead of the negative or throwing a lot of flash in what Snow Angel does.

This issue also includes a backup comic called “The Kids Movie,” also by David Chelsea. I dug the art in these pages which is a more detailed style than Snow Angel in a storybook-like fashion, which made these panels more interesting to look at and study as an adult. That said, this story doesn’t feel like it’s intended for children; it reads like a commentary on the modern-day moviegoing experience through a series of loosely connected panels that tell bits and pieces of a much larger story. But, the story actually told never feels like the point “The Kids Movie” is going for, it’s all about what it’s saying in between these select clips.

Published by Dark Horse Comics, this Snow Angel one-shot releases on April 3rd and is a decent all-ages book, if you can get past the weird tangents and less kid-friendly social commentary.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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