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‘Star Wars: Legacy Volume 2 #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Star Wars LegacySet many years after the original Star Wars trilogy, the Legacy comics follow the descendents of the original trilogy characters as they try to make their way in a changed galaxy. Cade Skywalker’s story has come to an end, but there is more than one famous bloodline in the Star Wars universe. Meet Ania Solo.

Sadly, that meeting will be short as this issue’s biggest failing is there isn’t enough Ania. The bulk of this issue is devoted to a larger plot involving the Empire. While somewhat necessary to kickstart Ania’s story, little background to the universe or the Empire is offered to readers new to the Legacy era who picked up a #1 issue because they saw the name “Solo” on it, making it a confusing first issue. Furthermore, the political maneuverings simply aren’t that interesting without context. I’d have been much happier if this second volume assumed readers hadn’t experienced Cade’s story and started anew, reintroducing the galaxy through Ania’s eyes.

While there’s not enough Ania, what we see of her establishes her as having all those Han Solo traits we were hoping she’d have: suave, cocky, and willing to shoot first and sort it out later. Alas, this is all we know about Ania after this first issue. At the moment there isn’t enough there to distinguish her from her famous forebearers. Her buddy, Sauk, is not such a good comparison to Chewbacca, but this cowardly and careful character was someone I felt had more characterization and I cared about more than Ania by the end of the issue and hope the technical genius Mon Calamari will stick around at this series progresses.

The art in this book is a little different than Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics’ usual flair. The coloring is softer and provides a neat, almost watercolored look that gives the issue momentum and makes those large splashes and panels really pop. The actual designs of the Legacy universe are all related to but just removed from the classic Star Wars trilogy. None of these designs especially grabbed me or sparked my imagination, but this issue does a great job of populating the universe with plenty of aliens and a variety to the settings that keep the universe fun to look at.

Ania’s story is just getting started, but I look forward to seeing where it will go and how she will go about living up to the Solo name.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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