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‘Borderlands: Origins #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Borderlands 4One by one, we’ve seen the stories for each of the four characters from the original Borderlands, and now we arrive at the origin of the master of melee, the solidly built berserker, Brick.

Once again, I dug the art and the designs of the world, especially this time around the look of the vehicles and a few of the outfits for the characters. These designs felt perfectly in line with the Borderlands universe and had some neat flourishes. The art in this book is solid. Nothing really stands out here or looks off, but the action scenes are rad and Brick lives up to his full destructive potential.

Brick is rather silent in this entry, which didn’t give him any real opportunities to be funny like the other three characters had. This was a huge disappointment for me, as Brick isn’t supposed to be so much mute as laconic and simple minded. Some of my favorite moments in Borderlands 2 involved Brick. Without these moments, Brick appears to be the only infallible character in the series, and I really love Borderlands: Origins‘ moments where the other characters “lose their cool” so to speak and flub up; however, that’s not to say this issue isn’t funny. There are plenty of side characters who are eccentric and goofy, and Brick does set up a few comedic moments for others characters accidentally. Like the art, none of the secondary characters jumped out and made me love them, but they serve their roles nicely and set-up a few laughs along the way.

This issue did include some interesting side details and tied in more of Brick’s back story than I originally thought. I had forgotten a lot of Brick’s background from the original Borderlands, like Priscilla, which are brought in and nicely tied into this issue. A few references felt a little forced, but it’s cool enough that they included these extra details that I appreciate the effort.

Overall, Borderlands Origins #4 is a solid entry in the series and a decent capstone. While the series has had its ups and downs, I fully believe there are a lot of stories to tell in the Borderlands universe, and I’d love to see some more comics in the series, whether more origins stories or new stories of some of the characters’ other adventures.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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