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‘Adventures of Superhero Girl:’ Hardcover Review


Adventures of Superhero Girl USEAdventures of Superhero Girl. The name alone sounds like a parody, right? It’s actually a lighthearted story that uses the superhero genre as a gigantic metaphor for life. Superhero Girl is a superhero who has just moved into a new city and has to combat not only the local supervillain element, but the difficulties of job seeking, boy troubles, and a host of other real life problems.


What I really love are all the twists Adventures of Superhero Girl includes when presenting these real-life issues. We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable situation of spotting a coworker we don’t like outside of work. In Superhero Girl’s case they happen to be ninjas. We’ve been at a party and started chatting with someone we thought was really neat only to later learn they were a real douche. In Superhero Girl’s case this guy’s a supervillain with the power to make people think he’s awesome. There are dozens of situations like this throughout the book, and each one was something I could relate to and found the metaphor itself vastly entertaining.

Adventures of Supehero Girl does tell an ongoing story. Events carry over even as each strip manages to be entertaining on its own. Faith Erin Hicks does a great job finding the humor in even the serious situations that would be drama city in any DC or Marvel title, like going broke or other heroes thinking the title character has gone villain. The entire cast is great, from background characters who pop up again and again to the mainstays like Superhero Girl’s roommate and her older brother Kevin.

The art in this book manages to capture that Sunday morning comic strip feel and always looks fantastic. Adventures of Superhero Girl has a charming look and the colors in this collection look amazing and adds a lot of life to these stories. During the translation to color, a bumpy texture was added to backgrounds, which I’m not a fan of. It doesn’t obscure characters at all, but it looks strange in the background and incongruent with the rest of the style, though it does lend to the Sunday comic strip feel.

And, if nothing else I said convinced you to give this book a chance, Adventures of Superhero Girl also contains a bear with a monocle. Seriously, how can you say no to a bear with a monocle?!

I don’t want to give away any more of the brilliance that is contained in this comic, so I’ll leave you to check it out in your own way. The original strips for Adventures of Superhero Girl can be found at if you want to check out a few strips, but this fully colored collection is gorgeous and a great buy to have to read a few issues at a time (or all at once like I did) and includes several of the original Superhero Girl comics that never made it online.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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