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‘Borderlands: Origins #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Borderlands 3This four-issue miniseries has been telling stories from the pasts of the four playable characters from the original Borderlands. The first issue focused on the Soldier, Roland, which I thought was fantastic and is really worth checking out, especially since it’s free on Comixology. The second issue was all about the Siren, Lilith, and had some bloody fantastic moments, including a speech I loved, and some lackluster ones, such as her actual “origin.” Now, in Issue #3 we arrive at a story of the hawk-loving Hunter, Mordecai.

One of the things I really missed in this issue was the setting. The first couple of issues did a fantastic job bringing firearms, creatures, and locations that either were straight from the games or matched the aesthetic. Issue #3 loses that, instead throwing in a bunch of clichéd-looking comic book characters in a pretty simple story. Again, I felt like there were some major logic gaps regarding the movement of the main plot, though overall I was more satisfied with Mordecai’s tale than I was with Lilith’s.

While he still looks ridiculous, Mordecai is a fun character to play around with and can be quite serious and deadly when he wants to be. The clear highlight of the series continues to be its off-the-wall humor that matches the game series so well and delivers just a little something extra. Mordecai’s lines in particular fluctuate from cheesy action star to “WTF?” territory when he can’t think of something “cool” to say. A familiar face from the game series returns as well and had me chuckling a bit. His lines are at least as good as his in-game dialogue.

Overall, I’d place Issue #3 around the same level as #2. They’re fine comics but not the must-recommend level of quality of Issue #1. The biggest factor for me seems to be the side characters. Roland’s team had so much personality crammed in that single issue while the new characters in Lilith and Mordecai’s stories don’t even have names, much less defined traits. Instead, they come across as clichéd, which, coupled with a subpar plot, leads to a lackluster issue. Tune in next month to learn if Borderlands: Origins redeems itself in its final issue as we head into a story of the master of melee, Brick.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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