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‘Comeback #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review


Comeback 3Using time travel, Reconnect saves the lives of loved ones—for a modest price. Its agents are sent to the past to save the target in question before he or she is killed, and then brings them back to the present day to their loved ones. But, there’s more going on with Reconnect than just simple extraction missions, as several Reconnect employees are about to find out.

Comeback is a time travel conspiracy tale that focuses heavily on the mystery elements of its premise but with the twist of time travel mechanics providing and taking away clues and leads. Case in point, what kickstarts this entire mystery is information brought from the future to the characters from the present who are currently in the past (think about that one for a minute). Comeback also ties in the idea of paradoxes and a mutable future nicely where it is possible to mess up an ordained meeting between two people or save someone’s life, but it has to be done in such a way as to not upset the time stream and prevent the knowledge of the meeting or that someone’s life needed to be saved from reaching the future. Working within these rules provides a set of interesting constraints for how the characters are able to operate and work against one another in this game of cat and mouse.

From my impression of this single issue, the characters are relatively nondescript, with very few details standing out about them. It wasn’t until a second read that I separated the characters and determined how they related to one another. There’s also a fairly meaty cast of almost exclusively white, male characters, which, combined with the book’s simple art style, made it difficult to differentiate. This book could really use a dramatis personae.

As stated, the art style is relatively simple and uses a lot of heavy, sharp lines. This provides an interesting look for characters from a distance and for the setting, but I hated this style when the art was trying to display complex emotions as a character’s face just filled with lines. In this issue, the artist plays around with lighting in some fun ways and does a great job keeping track of characters’ shadows and the effects that different light sources have on the setting. I really appreciated these extra details, and it added a great feel to even simple expository scenes.

Comeback is a five-issue limited series. Overall, Comeback didn’t grab me in this issue, but it’s the middle issue of the series and seems to be largely maneuvering pieces into position. For fans of conspiracy tales or time travel stories, Comeback will offer a fun twist on these story archetypes.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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