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A Look at the ‘Edge:’ ‘The Long Arm of the Hutt’


The Long Arm of the Hutt“A Look at the Edge” is a series of reviews covering the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games, which will review newly released products and supplemental online content and discuss experiences playing and running the game.

Fantasy Flight Games is off to a great start providing additional content for Edge of the Empire. Accompanying the Beginner Game are two additional character folios and a full supplemental adventure, The Long Arm of the Hutt.

The two new characters are Sasha the Explorer and Mathus the Technician. Each is well built to provide some alternative means of play for the starting party and bring the total number of pregens up to a full party of 6. Both Sasha and Mathus have tie-ins in their backstories to connect them to Pash, Lowhhrick, Oskara, and 41-Vex from the Beginner Game. These folios still have some typos but none to the same degree of statistical errors as the other four.

The Long Arm of the Hutt is what I really want to focus on. This is a massive, three-part, 46-page adventure that continues the story of the Beginner Game in a spectacular fashion. While still a tightly arranged adventure, The Long Arm of the Hutt accounts for the many whims the PCs may have and when it does railroad, it provides logical answers to the questions of why, and even clears up many of the events that confused me in the Beginner Game adventure. For a piece of supplemental material, what this entails is simply incredible. Furthermore, The Long Arm of the Hutt makes use of some of those additional cardboard tokens provided in the Beginner Game.

MINOR SPOILERS for The Long Arm of the Hutt Below (i.e. don’t read if you’re a player)

If you’re a GM who ran the Beginner Game adventure and want to continue telling stories with the pregen characters, this is the adventure you want to take them on next. The Long Arm of the Hutt includes several amazing set pieces, takes the time to expand upon the rules and concepts introduced in the Beginner Game, and has a ton of fun moments I can’t wait to put a group into.

One of the adventure’s biggest strengths is its NPCs. There are a ton of great characters introduced that could have a lasting presence in a longer campaign. The adventure text adds a lot of color to these individuals, adding in little bits of roleplaying advice that will have them stand out with any group. Even if you’re not picking up where the Beginner Game left off, most of these elements can be cannibalized for a different group of enterprising smugglers and space pirates.

The writers also did a fantastic job expanding upon the story foundations provided by the Beginner Game. My favorite details have to be the section all about the Kryat’s Fang, the ship the PCs stole in the Beginner Game, which is filled with potential problems and plot hooks that add a lot of character to the ship, her former owner, and, best of all, humor, to the PCs’ lives, which fits in well with the tone of Star Wars. The adventure also accounts for loose ends the players may have left behind, bringing them back into the game in a spectacular fashion.

Like Mathus’ and Sasha’s folios, The Long Arm of the Hutt is a much cleaner product. I only noticed one typo during my read of it, which is a level of quality I hope FFG brings to the Edge core rulebook and future online supplements.

Whether you picked up the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game or not, The Long Arm of the Hutt, Sasha, and Mathus can be found over at here and looked over to give an impression of Edge of the Empire or to supplement someone running the Beta rules.

Next time, I’m going to look at my experiences GMing a session of the Beginner Game and talk about what works from the box set and the rules in general. Until then, may your days be Gungan-free.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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