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‘Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi—The Prisoner of Bogan #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review


SW Dawn of the Jedi Bogan 2Forcesabers, forcesabers, forcesabers, this latest issue of Dawn of the Jedi delves much deeper into the workings of the lightsabers’ predecessor, covering everything from their construction to their destructive potential. It’s immensely satisfying watching these characters take their first steps towards understanding the weapon that will come to embody their order in the millenia ahead.

The bulk of the issue skips around, advancing each of the stories just a tad. This was disappointing in a way, because by the time I recalled the events from the prior issue for those characters, it was time to move on. Dawn of the Jedi has a lot of great characters, but its cast is far too large, with even more characters being introduced in an issue where not much happened because it took the time to check in with too many characters. I was pleased to see that Shae, Sek’nos, and Tasha Ryo are getting some play again, as this issue delves further into the three journeyers’ personal issues and backstories. Shae, in particular, fascinates me as a foil to Xesh, and I look forward to seeing the two characters interacting with one another again.

While Xesh and Daegen Lok’s roles are minimized this time around, more of Xesh’s backstory and background for the Force Hounds is given, this time, through, from the perspective of the Force Hound Trill, whom Xesh has worked with in the past. One of the aspects of Dawn of the Jedi I really like is the balance between light and dark, which carries over to the morality of the characters. Some of the Je’daii go to some dark places and have a villainous feel to them while the “obvious” bad guys like Trill show a vulnerable side that can quickly change the perspective on them. I’m honestly not sure which side I’m rooting for at this point, which is quite the departure between the usual black-and-white struggles depicted in Star Wars.

Given all the exposition and jumping around, there’s not a chance for major combat scenes again, though the book is hinting at giving us forcesaber battles quite soon, which, let’s face it, is one of those must have aspects to a title all about Jedi and the moment many readers are waiting for. The book does make up for the lack of action with some neat visuals, especially regarding Daegen Lok’s vision and reasons for being exiled to Bogan in the first place. Dawn of the Jedi may be a little slow-paced now, but it promises not to stay that way for long.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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