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‘Flee Chapter 4: The Final Chapter’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Flee coverWhen last we saw our heroes, Commander Flick Fleebus and his robot companion Trion were preparing for an all-out war to retrieve the Nexus Sphere from their enemies, the Krill. Meanwhile, bug exterminator Rigby Pinkerton was getting ready to wage his own war against what he perceived to be a bug infestation but was, in fact, Flick and the Krill armada.

This issue is all about kicking a– and taking names. The epic bug vs. space fleet battle may be ridiculous, but its ridiculously awesome. Once again, Flee takes a classic sci-fi concept and spins it on its head to create a new experience. Rigby proves himself to be the deadliest warrior as only a giant, one-hundred million times bigger than our other characters, can. Like any issue of Flee, Chapter 4 delivers amazing visuals and crazy use of perspective with regard to the size difference between characters.

Taken as part of the whole, I have zero complaints about this issue, but taken individually there isn’t time devoted to real character growth or even the funny one-liners many of the characters were getting so good at giving. In this way, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 have the opposite strengths and weaknesses, which is why they work great when read together, but lack something on their own.

I was pleased with all of the conclusions to many of the character arcs: Flick’s goals for the Sphere, confronting the Krill warrior Argus, and Rigby’s interactions with his brand new neighbor. If you’ve been reading Flee this far, you owe it to yourself to wrap up Flick and Rigby’s adventures in this final chapter.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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