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‘Synergy #1’ Review


Synergy Banner and ReviewWhen high school student Chase Cassidy’s grandfather suddenly passes on, Chase inherits a storage shed once owned by him. Inside, he discovers a superpowered costume and dons it to become the hero known as Synergy.

Synergy has a classic, silver-age vibe to how it presents its characters and situations. There are pretty clear lines between good and evil; you’re not going to find a character swearing, and a lot of incredible, and sometimes over-the-top, moments are to follow. If you’re a fan of this older style, then this issue really works, but I’d personally take a good, old-fashioned curse word over a “Wowzer” any day. Clean language aside, dialogue is stiff, with characters avoiding contractions, which I found to be distracting. This first issue is largely set-up so you’ll have to wait for Issue #2 to get some actual heroing, but the plot itself is intriguing. I can’t wait to learn more about Chase’s grandfather’s history as a superhero and what Chase is going to do now that he has the Synergy suit.

Characters in Synergy are very expressive, making full use of their eyes and eyebrows to convey what they’re thinking. Still’s character designs look great with plenty of details added, which makes me excited to see what he can do with more costumed and outlandish characters, like Talon or Synergy. I wasn’t a huge fan of Still’s settings, which, while functional, made use of awkward perspectives and angles, which I found disorienting; however, I was a fan of Chase’s grandfather’s hideout. The brief glimpse we get of it looks great and is a room I want to explore and learn what is hidden in the Synergy version of the Batcave.

Overall, Synergy #1 has a great set up and gets Chase to his superhero identity quickly but suffers from some mechanical issues. Issue #1 is currently available through Indy Planet.




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