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‘Fanboys vs. Zombies #7:’ Advance Review


Fanboys vs Zombies 7In this issue, it’s more like Fanboys vs. Fanboys as the Wrecking Crew comes to Comic-Con, or at least the zombie-apocalypse version of it.

This issue is filled with tips of the hat to conventions and the common geek “nerdier than thou” arguments. “You’re probably not even a nerd—you’re one of those fake geek girls!” The metaphor for how the geek community will attack itself is poignant and well handled here, with the zombies more of an excuse for fanboys to hurt other fanboys than an actual threat. Overall, this is done in the name of great comedy, but, to my surprise, F vs. Z has some strong dramatic elements and some tough lessons to go with its huge helping of nerd humor.

Like a convention, it’s great to see the F vs. Z versions of Con swag, cosplay, and special guests. The creative team did a great job of cramming as many references to geeky television shows and comics as they could in a single issue; some subtle and some, not so much. Many times I uttered, “Awesome!” when a particular reference was well used.

I really appreciated how Fanboys vs. Zombies handles its female characters. The majority of the Wrecking Crew are women, and all of them stole the spotlight in Issue #7, dominating the humor, action, and drama while their male counterparts played sidekick or damsel in distress. While my ideal situation is an equal balance, with a name like Fanboys vs. Zombies, I expected it to be all about geek men kicking a– and talking smack, but, in fact, that job belongs to the ladies.

Fanboys vs. Zombies #7 is more satire than traditional zombie story but it has a fun take on the geek community and our behavior at conventions while maintaining enough story to keep the characters from just being stereotypes.




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