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‘Flee Chapter 3: Attack!’ – Advance Comic Book Review


Flee 3When last we left our heroes, Commander Flick Fleebus had been reunited with his snarky robotic companion, Trion. Rigby came across the Krill modifying a satellite dish, but the Krill attack and the satellite detonates before he can get a close look, leaving Rigby to believe some deadly breed of insect has invaded the neighborhood.

Despite the name, Chapter 3 is about preparing for attack and answering questions rather an actual attack. In fact, compared to Chapters 1 and 2, Chapter 3 is the least action-packed issue of Flee. Despite this, the issue is filled with plenty of great imagery, which keeps the exposition interesting and the war preparations highlight how awesome Chapter 4‘s inevitable conflict is going to be. The little bit of action that is used is merely a plot device to raise the stakes in Chapter 4. I have no gripe with the action itself but wish there had been time to detail that encounter and earn that loss rather than have our heroes be easily defeated by the power of plot.

I’m pleased with the answers Moran provides to the Krill/Sect War and the Nexus Sphere in this issue. If these mysteries were something you were interested in getting some answers for, this is the issue to pick up. Whenever the exposition starts to become too dark and serious, Trion always brings it back around to funny and light. I really missed the snarky robot last issue and was so glad to have him back. He makes a fantastic narrator and can spoon feed me exposition anytime. Trion aside, I felt much closer to Flick at the end of this issue, who stopped seeming like the Sect version of Luke Skywalker and became his own character, even if he is still a “chosen one” of sorts.

Flee continues to deliver month-to-month and makes a smart choice in taking a break from the action for an issue to fill in some details and prep for what looks to be an amazing finale.



Kristine Chester, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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